Bare white lines

Sometimes staring at a blank canvas can be intimidating; scribbling ideas not going my way, inspiration running on no fuel. When I begin to feel like this I make it my priority to visit a museum or two. This is the beauty of living in London, we’re spoilt for choices. London features a wealth of inspirational museums, galleries, exhibitions and art installations from artist around the world. In any given week you will find a free exhibition.

London supports various artistic influences through its open streets. Being exposed to inspiration so closely helps me end my struggle to finding inspiration for my work. The possibilities are endless. One of my favourite galleries to visit is The William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow. I have a wonderful experience every time I go. Some of that credit goes to the cosy café the gallery houses. The gallery is housed in a beautiful Georgian House that once belonged to William Morris; One of the initiators of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Main image source: Unsplash. With an art print by The Arts and Crafts Movement

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