Bare white lines

Sometimes staring at a blank canvas can be intimidating; scribbling ideas not going my way, inspiration running on zero fuel. When this feeling begins to creep up, I make it my priority to visit a museum or two. As I live in London, I’m spoilt for choices. The city features a wealth of inspirational museums, galleries, exhibitions and art installations from artist around the world. In any given week you will come across a free exhibition.

I live a stone’s throw walk away from The William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow. As a local and a great admirer of William Morris’s prints, I leisurely pay visits to what once used to be his family home (between 1848 – 1856). Every visit has me in awe, with the beautiful front garden, unmissable Georgian exterior and a stunningly landscaped back garden. One can only imagine what the rooms once looked like, today they are free to visit and are adorned with textiles, wallpaper, glass, ceramics and books.

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