Identifying art

Once the artwork is finished, it’s safely stored away, waiting to be titled. I have over 10 nameless artworks. Knowing all to well I can no longer ignore this, I’ve put Photoshop to one side and have taken to Microsoft Word. Armed with my trusty dictionary I’m scribbling together descriptive words that I feel connect well with my pieces through process, style and inspiration.

So without further ado, here’s what I did to name my artwork.

  • Researching other artworks, I noted the connection between the piece and the title.
  • Within my own work, I focused on the key elements and linked them to feelings and descriptive words.
  • I took into account the stories and inspiration behind my artwork, to offer a new experience away from what is already visible.
  • I kept the titles very short and simple.

Moroccan SpiceIdentifing art 3. Blame it on art

Five Layers of PurpleIdentifing art 5. Blame it on art

Midnight blushIdentifing art 1. Blame it on art

Crushed JewelsIdentifing art 4. Blame it on art

Classic ClustersIdentifing art 2. Blame it on art

All flatlay images from Unsplash

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