Day At

So I spent a good hour at the British Museum shop, browsing the latest collection of stationary and books. I’ve visited the Museum many times and on many occasions I’ve breezed through, only to spend a good part of the visit at the shop. Why the shop? I hear you ask. Here, I find a great deal of inspiration. Where all the collections come together in one small room. As I slowly walked from shelf to shelf, table to table admiring all the items, I took mental notes of each piece.

The British Museum shop is filled with a number of striking products; from Mummy pencil tins to Hieroglyphs rulers, from Papyrus mini scrolls to Rosetta Stone paperweights and so on. My favourite items are the patterned soap tins, which come in various colours. Once I was finished cherishing everything in the shop I stopped to admire the cakes at the main hall cafe. A sweet treat for my eyes and yours.

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