Liberty Open Call

For the second time this year Liberty London is holding an Open Call. They’re offering artists the chance to have their work famously printed onto Liberty fabric. With the use of Instagram and the hashtag #LibertyOpenCall they will scout unique talent based in the UK.

Did I get hashtagging? Yes I did. I’d be over the moon if my work was rolled up at the Iconic department store. Liberty London has hosted Open Calls for years in a endless bid to uncover and support new and emerging artists. Their acknowledgment and appreciation for the design and the designer is one of the reasons why Liberty is my favourite store.

Whilst working on the ideas, I wanted a pattern that could seamlessly be repeated. This wasn’t going to work with a circle. I therefore practised with different shapes, ones that had sides and corners and could smoothly be repeated. I created the mandala to fit perfectly within the hexagon shape, paying attention to the new corners.

I quite liked the outcome of the whole piece. Here’s to more experiments.

Liberty London Open Call Blame it on Art (1)Liberty London Open Call Blame it on Art (3)Liberty London Open Call Blame it on Art (2)

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