But First Coffee

How do you like your coffee? I’m not much of a coffee fan. My soup-bowl-sized mugs are always brimming with coffees sweeter counterpart hot chocolate.

My latest artwork was for an open call held by Movenpick, suppliers of fine food. They invited designers and illustrators to design a slim can packaging for their new coffee lemonade range. That will come in four fresh and zesty flavors, Ginger – Lime, Strawberry – Lime, Pineapple – Coconut and Elderflower – Lime. The new cold sparkling collection is set to grind it’s way to the shelves of Germany and Switzerland. Therefore, Movenpick are looking for a design that will visually be just as appealing as the flavours.

Not wanting to step away from my circular signature. I used the collage, mandala to paint two halved ingredients, placing them side by side to create a single seamless circle. My aim was to make the design fun and simple, that visually highlighted the ingredients within the can. Although, I used different patterns to create each fruit, I was pleased at how well they came together.

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