Mad about Liberty London

After my previous post, it was only fair for me to visit Liberty London. Located on the corner of Regent Street, the department store is clear as a bell with its Tudor-like frontage.

Liberty was founded in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. Its Grade II-listed Tudor replica was built in 1924 and was constructed with the timbers of two ships; the HMS Hindustan and HMS Impregnable. Throughout the decades Liberty has, had great artistic connections with Pre-Raphaelite artists, leaders of the Art Noveau and Arts and Crafts movement. And, today continues its known tradition of designer collaborations.

The facade gives you a taste of the admirable things to expect once inside. As you walk into the large treasure box through the main entrance you are greeted by colourful blooms. You first enter into the interconnecting beauty rooms and are immediately enveloped in luscious fragrance. Walking through each wood panelled room felt as if I had walked into a private stately home. Each floor absorbs the vibrancy of the city and a slice of British culture. I climbed up the timbered stairs, past the decorative balcony towards the fabrics, where I’m drawn to the rolls of fine print.

Next stop the delicious cafe for a well-deserved hot chocolate treat.

Liberty London Blame it on art (6)Liberty London Blame it on art (4)Liberty London Blame it on art (5)Liberty London Blame it on art (3)Liberty London Blame it on art (2)

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