Tate, Thames, Tea

Another week, another gallery. This week I was greeted by the large scale walls of an old power station, The Tate Modern. The prominent landmark is located in a prime photography hotspot, Southbank, a stone’s throw walk away from London Bridge station.

The spacious gallery is brimming with inspiration, from its grey-toned architecture to its contrasting vibrant art. The walls are occupied by famous names known to the domestic and international art scenes; from impressionism to abstraction, from cubism to pop art, from Roy Litchensien to Andy Warhol. What’s better is, each floor is coordinated by theme.

Unknown to many, the Tate offers a brilliant view of the millennium bridge and St Paul’s. Once I reached the 3rd floor, I headed straight to the balcony behind the gift shop, for a little fresh air and gratifying view. But now I hear after the large expansion project there is a lot more outdoor view to see; a must for my next visit.

Apart from the art and the open balconies, I adore the sun rays that enter in style through the large windows of the Turbine Hall. A great spot for a short photo shoot.

tate, thames, tea blame it on art (3)tate, thames, tea blame it on art (4)tate, thames, tea blame it on art (5)tate, thames, tea blame it on art (10)

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