I’ve strayed away from my blog for far too long. Getting myself back on track, this week I made an early visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington; for a spot of mint tea in their exquisite café and to enjoy their vast collection of treasured art.

The tearoom as always wrapped me into a layer of the Victorian Era. The lavishly adorned trio café was designed in the 1860s by William Morris, Artist James Gamble and Edward Poynte. I enjoyed my hot refreshment in the central, Gamble room; with its extravagantly detailed interior, covered from floor to ceiling in coloured ceramic, glass and enamel.

After a little break, I wandered along the hallways in and out of rooms; peaking at reminders of a classical time before machinery and designs that use all techniques to introduce modernity. I slowly made my way towards my favourite section, the performance and theatre room on the 4th floor. Here I leisurely browsed through the miniature movie sets and tried on a few of the astonishing costumes. The room is split into themed sections, each compartment taking you behind the scenes.

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