A magical treat: Crimes of the Grindelwald

If you like Harry Potter, then you’re in for a treat. The recent open call I worked on, was to create an illustration for J.K Rowling’s new wizarding adventure, The Crimes of Grindelwald, a movie sequel to The Fantastic Beasts.

To research the movie, I watched the enticing trailer several times, each view being more magical than the first. Many scenes caught my eye, yet I picked the simplest of them all; Queenie Goldstein walking in the rain, hidden under an umbrella. 

I set myself a challenge by matte painting bricks without the colour block collage. This predictably took a lot longer to complete but was completely worth the effort. It was a bonus to practise on a simple shape. I used a hard brush to place a base colour and layered on stipples of dark and light tones to imitate shadows and highlights. With a softer brush, I blended together with the colours and added a few extra fine details.

Crimes of the Grindelwald blame it on art (2)Crimes of the Grindelwald blame it on art (3)Crimes of the Grindelwald blame it on art (4)

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