The Walking Dead – What Comes After

Another post for another competition. I’m on a roll. This open call was for the hit T.V series, The Walking Dead. To mark the epic return of the compelling show, FOX invited artists to visually recreate their favourite scene.

As I’ve never watched TWD (shock). I don’t have a favourite scene to use as a reference. Therefore, I spent hours watching over the trailer for season 9 and captured scenes that appealed to me. I then crossed off my collection until I was left with one.

My chosen scene is set in a dark underground passage, lit only by the natural light entering through an opening above the stairs. The setting gave me chills and incredible sense of unnerving darkness. For the finishing touch and a little more suspense I added a silhouette of Rick Grimes.

To create this piece I stuck to my signature circular block collage. Around the doorway I used two solid colours in opposed to one to add more definition. And added clearcut whitelines to highlight the tips of the steps.

The walking dead Blame it on art

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