Merry-full Art

The advent calendar is completely empty. Santa’s been and gone. The gifts are all un-boxed. Feasters are going for seconds. Youngsters are binging on Netflix. Chocoholics are stirring their cups of white hot chocolate with marshmallows.

feeling a little festive, I gave the silhouette mandala’s sparkling touch, by turning them into baubles. Each bauble is filled with a joyful thought; kissing under the mistletoe, giving gifts and Santa flying across the sky with 
his reindeers.

Through art, I wanted to reflect on positive messages; spending quality time with loved ones, sharing gifts and reminiscing over childhood movies. Reflecting on these thoughts I used a dark blue for all the background. A calming colour that symbolizes loyalty and 2018 1 blame it on artchristmas 2018 blame it on artchristmas 2018 3 blame it on art

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