I heart Photoshop

I’ve shared my inspiration and work; now it’s time to go behind the scenes and share the technique. As an art-nerd, I’ve faithfully stuck to Photoshop as my go-to medium for countless years. Journeying through the software’s updates and transitions, from C.D to instant downloadable. The three main tools I use are; the pen, the paintbrush and the paint bucket. I’m constantly trying to improve my work and learn as I go; by experimenting, learning from other artist’s experiences and watching tutorials.

The work process is pretty simple. After finalising my design, I collect reference images to draw anything I can’t from memory. I use the pen tool to draw the images, outline them with the paintbrush tool and finally colour them in either with a paint bucket or gradient tool.

i heart photoshop blame it on arti heart photoshop blame it on art 1i heart photoshop blame it on art 2

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