The Art of giving and taking

Copying is a timeless art. Which is why I’d principally turn to museums with my sketch pad, in search for classical inspiration. Emulating traditional art by old masters is a tried and tested way of learning and developing new skills.

Today, however, my sketchbook looks different to the conventional, bounded blank pages. Instead, its shrunk into the size of a thin button, ready to snap my creative findings. And, when I discovered the work of Cris Siqueira, a graphic designer from Brazil. I knew I had to snap away as I instantly fell in love with his illustrations.

Aiming for a past meets present medley. I infused a vector style into my recent, traditional mandala, by adding bold gradients and faded lines. A new trick I discovered after exploring the brush presets.

the art of copying blame it on art 1 (1)the art of copying blame it on art 1 (2)the art of copying blame it on art 1 (3)

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