The Mindful Artist.

I’m all for living a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and believe true beauty comes from within. Therefore, I make sure I intake enough of the right supplements. I ordered some vitamins from Advanced Nutrition Programme. Which arrived this week in an adorable box and packaged in lovely tins; one side of the invoice looked like it belonged to a mindful colouring book.

This reminded me of the very first colouring book I bought a few years ago, when the trend first hit bookshelves, everywhere. Excited with my (then) new buy, I grabbed some gel pens and wasted no time in filling out the pages. I was so fixated with colouring inside the lines, I blissfully forgot about my anxiety. And so my love for mandala art began.

Traditionally mandala has a long spiritual history and is believed to be therapeutic. To unwind I started drawing mandala art on Photoshop. It first started with an hour in the evening and soon grew to half a day. I can truly say this is the best part of the day; there is no deadline or expectation. I can draw and colour at my own pace and ease.

I will soon be sharing some of the bliss, so watch this space.

the mindful artist, blame it on art (2)the mindful artist, blame it on art (4)the mindful artist, blame it on art (5)the mindful artist, blame it on art (1)

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