The pattern hunter

June has officially arrived. Joy. I’ve spent three seasons daydreaming about warmer, longer days, Magnum ice cream and evening strolls. I’m grabbing summer with both hands and taking advantage of the blue scenic backdrops.

To mark the return of this long-awaited weather I’m starting a new series as the title reads The Pattern Hunter. Here I will share a visual diary of the way pattern’s and I cross paths.

To begin I captured these two beauties in Shoreditch, East London. Whilst walking along Columbia Road, admiring the vintage, quirky shopfronts. I stopped outside Nelly Duff, a small independent gallery. Before entering and experiencing the art within the four walls. I was greeted by a colourful preview, printed and pasted on the galleries exterior door. Falling for the eye-catching hues, I grabbed my smartphone to take a picture. However, that wasn’t all, the doorframe was painted with delicate, woven branches and colourful budgies that also needed to be snapped up.

the pattern hunter 1, blame it on artthe pattern hunter, blame it on art

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