Romance of Art

Solace can be found in the ambience of an art studio, wherever that may be. There is something romantic about drawing, painting and the peace that wraps the soul. Calmness whilst concentrating. And, the satisfaction of the final piece being unveiled is a personal favourite.

It’s a delight to come home to a place I can call my own, my mini art studio (a corner in my bedroom). Upon entering I let the aura encircle me as I go about my artistic ways. Here, I retreat from the chaos and distractions of everyday life.

My desk is minimally set with everything mostly black monitor, keyboard, mouse and tourmaline (gemstone), minus a pink notebook. My scene takes you beyond the canvas prints to where the tale starts. The place where the romance between pen and paper begins, as I flirt over ideas. The dance that links the movement of my mouse to the beat of the speakers. The passion that blends the colours

The admiration we share over art is a silent affair. That’s romance

Mandala Monday, blame it on art

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