Flower Mandala

Every time I open this file, I’m met with an unfinished colourful bouquet staring right back at me. The more I look, the more I wish I had extra time to spend on it. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of vitamin D on the weekends, with longer strolls and taking my drink (water) outside. Sighs.

I’m sure by now you know, I adore flowers. However long this piece is taking, its a dream to work on. Armed with my digital paintbrush, I’m one flower over the quarter mark. As I work my through my favourite colour, I’m swooning over the variety of pink flowers I’ve collected.

Working on each petal is a delight and I can only anticipate how the next flower will turn out.

Flower mandala 2, blame it on artFlower mandala 1, blame it on artFlower mandala, blame it on art


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