Eid, Calligraphy and Henna

It’s been a week since we got the text message announcing Eid al-Fitr. There’s always confusion over what day Eid will actually fall on. The celebrations last a week or two. As you brace yourself for multiple clashing invites to Eid brunch, lunch and dinners. Your name ends up on every guest list (even when there isn’t a list to go by)

When a friend invited me to the Eid event at Sky, I told her to put my name down. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the beats of tabla music (traditional eastern hand drums). Thus, setting the festive mood. As I got there early, I narrowly missed the queues to the calligraphy and henna stall. The celebrations not complete if you don’t walk around with moist henna on your hands, trying to avoid all forms of contact.

Calligrapher Ismail Hussain had his sleeves rolled up, penning beautiful scripture on white/ black card. I was excited to have my name personally calligraphed in Arabic. It was elegantly composed within impressive speed.

The entire afternoon was pleasant. I enjoyed the live, comedic raffle draw, sharing plenty of laughter with those around me.  The nicest way to bring communities together. Food, laughter and art (written in no specific order) 

*I left early so I missed a lot of great performances*

eid, calligraphy, henna, blame it on art
Calligraphy by Ismail Hussain
eid, calligraphy, henna 1, blame it on art
Henna by F&M

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