A windy day out in Milton Keynes

6.30 am my natural body alarm goes off. How, why? It’s Saturday. I’m not ready to wake up. Trying to fall asleep again is pointless. I just lay there with my eyes closed tightly, as I listen to the birds sing and every other sound I won’t usually notice. I reluctantly get up and go about the usual morning chores. Get myself ready for the wavering weather.

I arrived at my destination later than expected, thanks to the delays, typical. However, the journey there wasn’t as bad as the prolonged wait. The highspeed train ride past endless greenery distracted me most of the way.

Upon arrival, I was more than pleased to see a costa coffee next door to the station. As hungry as I was I grabbed a brownie and hot chocolate, to re-energise, stretch my legs and charge my phone. Before making what I thought would be a brief walk to the shopping centre. That “short walk” actually turned out to be a half an hour trek. The straight roads of the Milton Keynes deceived me.

I walked through the shopping centre admired the food stalls, made a few “I’ll be back” promises and headed straight out towards the open park. The weather greeted me with sunshine and heavy blows. Nonetheless, I didn’t let it stop me from walking to the peak of the hill. Standing at the crest taking in the 360 scenery was worth the hike and roar of the wind.

Apart from the stunning views, Campbell Park had a lot more to offer. The Festival of History was taking part this weekend. With a lot of entertainment, stalls and food it was great to experience a little history.

windy day in Milton keynes, blame it on art (1)windy day in Milton keynes, blame it on art (2)

windy day in Milton keynes, blame it on art (7)

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