Pushing Boundaries

I was in need of a push, one that would’ve driven me past my invisible barriers and out of my comfort zone. In more subtle terms, I needed a mentor. I asked the all-important “Will you be my mentor? ” question to my cousin; who happens to be a Jane of all trades and now my mentor. She said yes. She agreed to help pop my rose-gold bubble.

On the day of our first session, we followed the Art Trail in Walthamstow. Starting at Wood Street Library, we viewed the self-painted portrait of Artemisia Gentileschi. A baroque period gem brought by the National Gallery. Since arriving in the UK, the painting has been on tour across the country. Being displayed in unexpected venues like schools, doctors surgeries, libraries and so on. A meaningful, masterpiece enjoyed by the nation.

pushing boundaries blame it on art (3)

We moved on to my favourite part of Walthamstow, The Village; to pick some scrumptious, baked goodies, visit the Vestry Museum, wander through the Church Passage and do a little window shopping. Our first session began tastefully over finger-licking chocolate brownies. With sticky fingers, I jotted a few notes, memorized a diagram and have fill-in-the-blank questions waiting to be answered. As a part of my first assignment, I need to contact a couple of people I feel inspired by. As someone with zero confidence, you can imagine how daunting that will be. However, it’s one homework my cat will not be eating.

pushing boundaries blame it on art (1)

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