Joy Through Brownies

10.30 am, I leave Konditor and Cook carrying a box of my favourite brownies. It’s not often I get to visit my favourite bakery, but when I do I don’t leave empty-handed. Today, I got two regulars and two rainbow-coloured curly whirly’s nicely packed away. Every time I looked down at the packaging, my eyes would land upon three small words “joy through cake” and I couldn’t agree more.

I got to work and spread a little joy by sharing the rainbow brownies, seeing as it is pride month. The six vibrant colours have found themselves everywhere and are now deliciously on the mind of my newbie friends. Who will remember those colours and taste until the next time they bite into a signature brownie by Konditor and Cook.

My blog is slowly turning into a brownie fest, crammed with all things chocolatey, fudgy and crumbly. I am a self-confessed chocoholic, in an on and off relationship with brownies (when I’m not being sugar-free). I first discovered my love for the baked goodies a few years ago. When I was walking past my now favourite bakery in Spitalfields Market. A plate towered with small pieces of brownies caught my eye. I was offered a sample and when I saw all the shades of chocolate, how could I say no? After savouring one piece I instantly knew, it was love at first bite.

I like my brownies fudgy on the inside and crusty on the outside. Although I’m yet to try the recipe out for myself, I think I will leave the baking mess of flour, sugar, butter, egg and chocolate combo to the experts. Seeing the chocolate brownies emerge from the over will have to wait.

Joy Through Brownies, blameitonart (2)

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