The Art of Gifting

Who doesn’t like receiving presents, I know I do. It’s memorable to unwrap a gift that’s had a lot of thought put into picking it, not forgetting the unnerving wrapping exercise, making sure the folds are tight and the papers not crinkled.

Even more so, it’s just as exciting as giving a gift. Going through the whole formula from scratch. Knowing who you’re shopping for, considering their likes, tweaking it with your own and voila you’ve got the perfect present. Once the selecting process is complete, it’s all about the presentation and how you fancy handing it over. Whether you place it in a bag filled to the top with tissue paper or firmly wrap it up, securely sealing all the flaps.

Last but not least, the moment you’ve been anticipating, handing over the gift. Like them, you can’t help but feel excited, as they open their present. Watching their “oh wow” reaction is truly priceless.

The options for gift shopping has just gotten bigger and better. There are many local artists (craftsmen of all genres) who will devote their time and effort in making that present all the more special with a customised edge.

I am one of those artists.

living coral blame it on art 1

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