Flower Mandala: Part 4

Almost midway, I keep telling myself. As I wistfully look over the extremely slow progress. With new alterations transpiring, this velocity will soon be changing. Fingers crossed. Every new flower brings me closer to the finish line and what a gorgeous one it will be. However, I need to blend a dozen more petals before I can even begin to celebrate. I’m yet to get through an assortment of orange and yellow flowers. Add a couple of leaves and berries here and there and fill in all the white gaps.

You’d think I’d know the names to all the blossoms now, with the amount of research that’s taking place behind the canvas scenes. But, alas, I can only name them by colour and nothing more.

I adore flowers, just looking at them (and receiving them, hint) makes me happy. I made it my mid-year resolution to be surrounded by flowers and here I am. They’re the best way to introduce my life to nature’s finest colours.

Flower mandala progress, blameitonart (3)Flower mandala progress, blameitonart (2)Flower mandala progress, blameitonart (1)

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