“Are you an Artist?”

Today, at work, I was asked a question that took me a little by surprise, when it really shouldn’t have. “Are you an artist?” A lovely mum asked as she looked over what once used to be my desk and was now a worktop filled with multiple drawings by mini artists and cuttings that had dropped in all directions. There was a short, hesitated delay before I managed to answer the question with a simple yes and a broad smile.

I paused because I was filled with mixed emotions, one of confusion and joy. It was the first time I had been recognised as an artist without having my work on display. I did, however, take my phone out to show her my Instagram page. As you do.

I later scowled at myself for hesitating, but glad that I managed to say yes. So I got one thing right. I may need to set a reminder for myself, a daily triple alarm for the morning, afternoon and night, with a message that reads “you are an artist”.

Back to more cuttings, but before I pick up my scissors, let me set that reminder…

2 thoughts on ““Are you an Artist?”

  1. This question always takes me by surprise. My reaction is always a muted “kinda”.

    I don’t like it when I say it but for some reason I always give the same response. I don’t know why. Maybe this is common with us artists.

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