Part-Time Daydreamer

8.00am, I’m sat in my local aka City coffee shop, with my hands warmly, cupped around a hot drink. It’s not cold and I don’t need the extra heat but the flavour of hot chocolate with cream will do.

I’m always questioned over my choice of drinks. Hot chocolate in this weather? It comes as more of a shock than a question. However, I’m dressed modestly right for the weather and sat in cold conditions under a minus zero a.c. The hot drink is fine, in fact, it’s cooling me down. 

There’s an old wives tale that’s been making its rounds at dinner tables: hot drinks on a hot day cool you down. Although this claim has been challenged by many, I for one agree with it.  Hot drinks do increase the body’s heat, the body, however, responds by sweating. Sweating in return increases heat loss and reduces the internally stored body heat. When the sweat evaporates from the skin it cools us down. Seeing as I’m sat directly under the chilling breeze of the air-conditioner, I’ll continue to enjoy my hot drink.

Back to 8.00am, I’m an hour away from home at this untimely hour. But all for good reason. This timing is the start of a new chapter and a novel daydreaming hour. I’ve got my head in the clouds; fantasising over new challenges. Musing about pattern discoveries. Visioning artwork being started today and not tomorrow.

8.30am, I move aside my empty cup and make my move.

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