Visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm

It was a plan that was hitched together during the chilly winter days. Colourful images of lavender fields were freshly being posted all over social media. Memories of summer no doubt. Every time a picture sneaked up so did my desire to visit. And, that wish was fulfilled at the peak of Summer.

My last-minute planning only took shape the night before. I had a choice of two, Hitchen and Mayfield. And, I opted for the closest option, Mayfield. Which is on the border of London and Surrey. However, the shorter journey was still two hours long.

On arrival, we were greeted by the strong fragrance of lavender and the buzz of bees. We eagerly waited in a fairly short queue, paid for our tickets and were soon on our way to the open 25-acre field. Rows and rows of lavender opened up to us as we walked deeper into the organically grown purple haven. The further we went the taller the stems became.

Normally scared of spiders, today, however, I didn’t mind them so much. I was too caught up in taking pictures. And, thankfully, they were too busy fluttering away to notice me, although many photobombed my pictures. Talking of photobomb, I’m pretty sure I got into the background of many couples and pre-wedding photoshoots. 

We sat for a while in the broad purple sea, taking in the aromatic lavender scent that enveloped around us, bliss for our senses. The short pause was most welcomed and very relaxing. Once we were all rested to our heart’s content, we made our move with a few final photo-stops, in a variety of styles. 

Heading back to the entrance we stopped by the shop. I contemplated how many lavender bunches were too much or too little to take home, as sleeping souvenirs.

visit to Mayfield, blameitonart (5)visit to Mayfield, blameitonart (9)visit to Mayfield, blameitonart (8)visit to Mayfield, blameitonart (6)visit to Mayfield, blameitonart (7)visit to Mayfield, blameitonart (3)Visit to Mayfield, blameitonart

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