Flower Mandala

She’s gone missing. For a while, yes. I took a much-needed break, to catch up on my sleep and re-charge all my batteries. I did things the non-blogging way by not carrying a camera or taking pictures of everything in sight with my smartphone. 

Back to topic, can you smell the beautiful blooms? I have this crazy thing with flowers, as you may be able to tell with my elongated flower mandala. I’m lagging behind this project. Digital painting, unfortunately, isn’t quite like picking your favourites and arranging them in a vase. I had a deadline in my head, which I missed by months. Thanks to my indecisiveness, I kept making too many changes (see final image).

I’m, therefore, taking a step back to fill in the blank spaces and admire the flowers. I may touch back on this in the future, but for now, I think this piece has blossomed as far as it could and I’ve watered it enough.

In other news, this was my 100th post on WordPress. Yippy, a call for a celebration.

flower mandala, blame it on art (1)flower mandala, blame it on art (3)flower mandala, blame it on art (2)

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