Life’s Too Short

8 am a warm bowl of semolina sits in front of me. Slowly going down by the spoonful. As it does I scroll down my Insta feed, double-clicking away on posts. Reading through many lengthy paragraphed and one lined quotes. One that I wanted to share is by Mandy Hale

“You will get there when you’re meant to get there” 

Another one of life’s too short reminders. Since it is I’ve, therefore, drafted a crazy long bucket list. One that I cannot see an ending to. Fully crammed with places to visit and brownies to devour (when I’m not sugar-free). Starting with the smallest things, I’m slowly crossing my way through the list.

As night begins to fall, I glance over the remainders of my marked list. Looking forward to another day of optimism. Lifes too short to allow worries to lie to me. I find solace in drawing. One of the few things on my list is learning Islamic art the digital way and writing until my heart’s content. Sharing whatever comes to mind.

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