Mandala Tuesday

Missing the intricacy of finely detailed mandalas, I sat down with my trusted tool “the mouse” and got Photoshop up and running. Ready to begin hours of working, drinking hot chocolate and web browsing. Adding my template and guidelines to a blank page, I set the path layer and highlighted the pen tool. Zooming in where needed and ctrl s-ing when remembered.

I decided early on after creating the very first circle to use minimal borders and bigger patterns. Keeping the centre of each motif simple. A little experimental but not so adventurous. The arches created a neat and even uniform,  rather than looking cluttered and chaotic. I completed the piece with a colour palette made up of my chosen summer colours, shaded with darker tones.

In other positive news, I’ve now got 100 followers on WordPress. Thank you to everyone who has clicked on the follow and like button.

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