From Photoshop to Canvas

Like every other designer, I have a favourite tool that I always turn to when I’m drawing. It’s like owning a dozen pencils, while most have hardly been touched, one presents itself as being over-sharpened and overused. My overworked digital medium is Photoshop’s pen tool. I’ve mentioned this tool numerous times in previous posts. Today, I want to give homage to this showstopper creator. Working digitally is a little like freehand drawing; however, If I make a mistake, I can Ctrl z, back and correct it. A formula I’ve grown to love. 

When it comes to the pen tool I can draw whatever I want, I just have to adjust the anchor points. However, this wasn’t always the case. I put off learning the pen tool for as long as I could, I thought it was too complicated and confusing. Little did I know.

I was once offered a short internship with a marketing company. Being an extra pair of hands, I was asked about my knowledge of the pen tool. Admittedly I had none. I was shown quickly how to use it, was given a few minutes to learn and make mistakes. To my shock, the tool was very simple to work with and any errors I made were easily undo-able, I heaved a sigh of relief at this unknown discovery. The more I used this tool the more I grew to like it. 

Over time with the help of Youtube tutorials, I discovered new uses, one of them being the stroke selection. A selection I faithfully use to this day to create my mandalas. I still get excited by the new tricks I learn.

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