Brownie Spotting at Borough Market

On a warm Saturday morning, with no plans for the day, I picked up my camera and caught a direct bus to London Bridge. Getting off at the final stop of route 48. I turned left, leaving the station behind me and crossed the street opposite The Grind; my favourite place for creamy hot chocolate. Making my way down the narrow steps, I wandered through the organic alley beside the churchyard and walked into the jam-packed Borough market. Here the delicious aroma of various food being cooked at once filled the air. I picked up the scent of 100 different spices, none of which I could name. Although, I wasn’t hungry, I was beginning to feel a little peckish. 

I glided past many foodies who had stopped to watch talented chefs live at work; preparing meals in the open air. I took a deep breath as I finally made it to the middle of the giant food court, sheltered under an iconic Victorian glass and ironwork rooftop. Tucked away within these walls and columns is the history of Borough Market that dates back 1000s of years. No doubt the Market must’ve undergone its fair share of changes over the past centuries. Yet I wasn’t thinking about the layers of paint that were attached to the pillars, instead, I wondered about where it was that Shakespeare once ate.

Shoppers loaded their bags with colourful produce, brought from a hundred different stalls. Busy independent traders sold a variety of fresh, organic food; from vibrant fruits and veg to loose tea, from arrays of cheese to bakery treats. Although there was something for everyone’s palate, I, however, was only interested in the baked goodies. A1-chalkboards read out the days specials and menus. Some raw-cane free and some filled with sugar. It was thanks to the white chalk scrawls I was able to find a few sugar-free gems. Friendly vendors stood by their stands offering samples to anyone passing. I was so excited to try the tiny cut freebies, I missed the best shots. If I wasn’t sugar-free my hands would’ve been full.

Brownie spotting at Borough Market, blameitonart (4)Brownie spotting at Borough Market, blameitonart (2)Brownie spotting at Borough Market, blameitonart (1)


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