Stop and smell the roses

I literally had to stop. My body was sending me plenty of hints. Yet I ignored all the signs. I have too much to do, I’d tell myself every morning. From the minute I open my eyes to, to the second I close them, it’s all systems go. Darting through daily tasks, juggling between work and blogging. It can be quite draining when you use up all your energy and have none left for yourself.

I needed a short break, and my body was more than ready to give me one. As far as my body was concerned, enough was enough and without any gradual warning, I was struck with the flu. I’m now in bed with an open book lying on my lap, a bottle of water, medicine and a box of tissues by my side. A legitimate reason to slow down.

I let out a massive sigh, knowing I couldn’t get much done, not even if I tried. With this in mind, I picked up the current book I am reading, ‘I am Pilgrim’ and settled on finishing it. Alongside Scott Murdoch (the novel’s main fictional character) I was soon busy chasing a shadow.

My body appreciated having a ponderous day. Rebelling against the hectic lifestyle. I liked the slower morning routine, rather than rushing to get to work. I Purposely put my phone on silent and disconnected from the world of emails and messages. Switched to single-tasking. I made it to the last page of ‘I am Pilgrim’ and moved on to drawing. Quite frankly speaking, I honestly enjoyed it. It felt like an accomplishment. Your motivation and creativity have no limits.

I could do this more often, bring out the tortoise in me and shuffle over to the slow lane.

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