Wholesome Catch ups

“It’s been a while,” I said to a friend who I hadn’t seen in what seemed like forever. We instantly hit it off, standing on her front porch happily chatting away. Unaware of the time or those strolling by. We talked about all the positive changes in our lives, swapping creative ideas and complimenting everything (as boss girls do).

When this very friend began her mentoring and coaching business. I followed the journey, catching up with her colourful FB posts. Related them to my own plights and silently found solace in the power of words. Unknowingly for her, she had my back. 

I personally got to share with her my gratitude and glad I did so. She’s someone who radiates positivity and can motivate and inspire others, with the all-important keenness to do so*. Her messages on self-healing prompted me to make the changes I did. Without those reticent pushes, I would not have had the verve to turn my life around.

It wasn’t until early this year I realised how important it was to have positive souls around me. I noticed how much negative people weighed me down, while positive relationships gave me strength. I began making minor adjustments every single day. Revamped my Instagram by unfollowing several “influencers” only to make way for positive-quote accounts. This small change turned my Insta-feed into a good-vibes-only haven. Meaning I’d have a healthier mindset whenever I’d browse through social media, which actually was all the time. I cut down on the number of makeup tutorials I’d watch on Youtube and swapped them with motivational videos. I spent less time staring at a screen of nothingness and swayed myself towards meaningful books.

I just had to make the same switches in real life. I wasted no time in mentally cutting of the threads that were stitched to unpleasant webs. That were choking me and making me feel sluggish. Instead, I focused on blossoming florets and let their optimism reshape me.

*  follow: Tabassum Sabir

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