Being an artist

Since I was able to hold a pencil, I’ve always enjoyed drawing. Whether that was on the walls, textbooks or scrap-paper, it had my scribbled work of art on it. As I got older my medium changed. I was either gifted sketchbooks or I would grab a handful of paper out of the printer. I’d draw away with my newly sharpened HB pencils. I believed I could make anything. So I put my young creative skills in crafting bookmarks or cards and handed them out to my fellow classmates in Junior School. Now, this was before the internet, smartphones and Ipads, when children used to play outside with conkers or draw hopscotch squares with chalk. I’m a 90’s child.

Slowly with time, things began to change. I swapped the chalks for colouring pencils. I was always interested in observational drawings. I could never draw from memory unless my secondary school art teacher called stick people art. When I started studying art at college, I learnt to experiment with different mediums like charcoal, pastels, oil, watercolour and acrylic paints, alongside the standard pencils. Towards the final year, we were introduced to Photoshop. Fascinated, I wanted to grow with technology. So I set about learning photoshop, with whatever little material I could find. This was years before YouTube. I’d spend hours sitting on the library floor-skimming through photoshop books and making a dozen post-it notes.

Studying interior design at university led to a mixture of freehand drawing and digital art. The more creative programmes I used, the more I grew away from drawing by hand. And, I’ve never looked back. Over the years I’ve been caught up in creating a digital portfolio. However, everything I made was either hidden or stored away in folders, only to be forgotten or deleted. I missed sharing my work and looking back at it to see how far I had come. 

As an artist, I value practise and improvement. Blame It On Art (blog) has helped me to share my work and look back at the different projects. It’s essential for me to see the start of my artistic path, as it’s what brought me here. My journey has not ended. 

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