Discarding Negative Thoughts

Backstage, behind all the glitz and glam, I’ve been busy researching post ideas. I want to move this blog in a positive direction. Alongside art, I’m aiming to uncover topics on the unseen obstacles I face in everyday life, such as negativity and self-doubt.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” William Shakespeare

There’s an inner critic that stops me from grasping opportunities and hammers down at my confidence. We all have this little intruder living within us, who at times is difficult to mute. We end up listening to the pessimism, even repeat it out loud, become hard on ourselves and then clean up the emotional mess left behind by the unwanted trespasser. We begin to question our own ability and stop trying to reach our potential.

For me to dodge past this inner crit and defy it, I need to silence the negative voice in a one to one combat. Basically telling it to do one, in the most polite way possible. And, stop the triggering of new angry thoughts. This isn’t an easy task, but it has to be done. To disrupt the poisonous cycle, I block its trail and fill the space with healthy, positive thoughts.

We don’t stop developing, we find new ways to learn. We can direct our thoughts through a different path. Therefore, once I’m done confronting the displeasing crit, I can put myself on the right track and move forward.

I’ve given the negative crit so many undesirable names. Whenever I’m about to take on an exciting mission, the so-and-so decides to pop-up ready to condemn me. In the seclusion of my mind, it would tell me, I’m not ready, I’m not doing things right, I’ll get it wrong, it will never work. As painful as it was to listen to, I spoke back. The commentary I’m getting is inaccurate. 

I disregard what the crit is saying and soon get bored of hearing it. I begin to privately tell myself; hang-on a minute look at your work you did an amazing job, that was a hard task and you overcame it, that looks exciting you will enjoy doing that, what have you got to lose? Nothing. 

The clashing has worked for me, it’s pulled me out of the negative spiral. Now to continue to be optimistic with new adventures, nothing, not even my negative-self can stop me.

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