Girl About London Town

London’s my home, it happens to be my favourite topic. With that being said, drumrolls please, I’d like to introduce you to my new title series “Girl About London Town”, where I will share my travel posts.

I could spend hours walking the streets discovering new shortcuts, pondering upon mewses unknown to Instagram, drinking green tea in cosy cafes, stumble upon independent galleries and have a little stroll by the canal. 

Within minutes of leaving my house, no matter which way I turn, I’m bound to find something interesting to see or do, planned or not planned. Whether that’s staying in East London and having a pattern inspired morning at the William Morris Gallery, wending over to Shoreditch for some Banksy spotting or heading into Central where the ventures are endless. The world is my oyster (pass).

I’ve expertly learned the shortcuts. Without a guide, I can weave through the maze of narrow roads, passages and mewses. Passing single coloured houses and vibrantly painted doors. Without peaking one can only wonder how the rooms have been set up.

I follow the trails of London with a book, that has stories to share about every other street or building. With 2000 years of history, there are plenty of tales to go around. I roam about different neighbourhoods, one at a time, discovering detailed elements that stand out; a sculpture, a statue, a dated building and a themed cafe or shop. With Google maps at my fingertips, all I need is my camera and a bottle of water to keep me going.

In some locations I let my senses guide me. In Brick Lane, I can smell the sweet aroma of cocoa as I approach dark sugars. On Oxford Street, the scent of cookies baking in Ben’s Cookies escape through any open door or window. In Covent Garden, the cheers and claps of spectators watching a street act can be heard from afar. In South Bank, live singers serenade those strolling by. In Shoreditch, I admire the mile-long graffiti that’s stretched across Brick Lane.

It’s a cold autumn night; I’m sitting in the warmth of my terrace house planning my next outing.

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