Always be grateful

Less than a month into autumn, the colds gradually sweeping in with the over-dramatic rain on its tail. I’m not quite ready for coat season. Not ready to wrap a two-meter long scarf around my neck. With the temperature swiftly dropping, it’s a good enough time to be thankful for what I have. Saying that I should always be grateful. 

In this day and age, it’s simple to see what others are up to. With the help of Social media, everyone can display photographs of they want you to see, from what they ate to what they wore and the countries they visited. At times I would sit back and make mental wish lists of wants. Regardless of not being fully aware of the stories behind the pictures, I’d give them my theories. With this fabricated distraction, I’d forget to see what’s in front of me. I am truly blessed with everything I have, big or small. 

Over time I’ve come to learn not everything is permanent. People, money, clothes, shoes, bags, you name it, come and go. It’s best to live in the present and not ponder about the future. Not everything happens according to plan. I realised this when my holiday dates had to be changed several times. A break I had been planning for, for ages, yet life had other ideas for me. Who can argue with fate?

Back to living in the present, whenever I feel stressed out, I inwardly note down all the things I’m grateful for. As I begin to make bullet points, a warm, comforting feeling rises within me. My gratitude list is a work-in-progress, that’s growing longer every single day. Every time I look back at my list, it’s like counting my blessings. 

So I’d like to give a toast to some of the things I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for my family who stands by each other, even though we’re all miles apart. I’m grateful for the hour-long bus journeys that give me time to read a book. I’m grateful to the authors that write gripping thrillers. I’m grateful for this blog that has helped improve my writing.

I’m grateful for

And, the list goes on.

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