Looking Back at Summer

On this nippy morning, I’m reminiscing about the warm summer air that once wrapped itself around my bare arms, cosier than a thick woollen cardigan. I would escape the chilly air-conditioned rooms, to spend time outside with the weather I knew I would soon miss. 

I fell head over heels for the sunshine, the rays illuminating my skin with its mellow touch. Vitamin D continuously streaming in through the windows. Masses of fresh fruit colourfully decorating the kitchen. Parks of London welcoming its visitors to patches of nature. Blossomed trees coating paths with a thick white blanket. Cute summer dresses.

I miss the happiness that came with longer days. When 4 pm felt like 4 in the afternoon and not 4 at night. Sitting on park benches with my back to the sun, watching my shadow as I ate chewy brownies brought from stalls that only traded during the warmer weather. I miss walking by mountains of cakes and cookies freshly baked by local traders, every Saturday morning. I miss waking up to the sweet sound of birds singing outside my bedroom window.

So what did I learn during the summer? I learned that kindness goes a long way, it’s priceless to put a smile on someone’s face. To see them genuinely beam became the highlight of my day. A joyful thought I would like to remember when the warm summer days pass. I learned to live in the moment. To collect happy memories of natural laughter that came from the heart. Watching the conversations flow rhythmically. I learned to go with the flow. To have faith. To appreciate what I have. I learned the importance of being kind to myself first and foremost.  

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