Out of office

Sat in a cosy coffee shop, a thick windowpane away from the cold and what’s this, snow, yes snow. With no intention to move. My hands are cupped around a glass of warm minty green tea. I feel the hot, smooth surface of the glass and the heat toasting my fingers. I hold on for longer than need be until the water steadily cools down.

Due to life taking its toll, I’ve been out of the office. Two weeks ago I received some really sad news. So I give myself some time to come to terms with things. A short break was needed to gather my thoughts. However, when I was ready to get back to work, all I did was stare at the four lilac walls of my room. I waited for inspiration to come to me. But alas it didn’t, my mind remained blank. This thing called life knocked me back good. Set a creative block in my path. After a while of tirelessly trying to move the slab out of my way. I let being still gain the energy it needed. Slow living. Instead of trying to hustle or push myself through, I chose to slow down and accept the sorrow and emotions I was feeling.

So here I am in a coffee shop finding my balance, letting my pen flow at a slow pace.

Mandala Monday, blame it on art

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