Girl about town: Wembley Park

1 pm I’m enjoying a hot drink with my friend in costa coffee. Our hands were full, while our glasses were half empty. After a long-overdue coffee catch-up, that involved lots of natter, festive hot chocolate and frosty cream, my friend and I set off to follow a light trail that’s gotten the dark, dreary nights of Wembley Park lit up. For the very first time, Wembley is hosting its very own Winterfest. Where art installations are dotted around the area, thankfully within a short walking distance of each other. 

Making our way to the winter playground, we first came by the festive showstopper, The Sonic Runway. A 100-meter light tunnel, that’s travelled a long way to make its European Debut. From Nevada’s The Burning Man to London’s, Wembley Park, the interactive artwork crossed oceans to turn heads in a new continent. Designed by Rob Jensen and Warren Trezevant the 100-meter passage is made up of 32 concentric rings. As we made our way through the illuminated corridor, stopping to take multiple pictures, music flowed in the background, activating kaleidoscope light patterns that moved to the speed of sound.

Once we were out of the tunnel and satisfied with the zillion photos, we walked over to twelve 3-meter tall, sensor columns. Designed by the musician Michael Davis, the ‘Illumaphonium, Halo’ columns had light loops placed around them. Each loop lit up and made a sound every time my friend and I touched them. We were spontaneously creating a light and sound mesh as though we were starting our very own orchestra.

Walking on, we caught a glimpse of a bright blue LED star, shining in the distance. We walked in the direction of the star until we came face to face with London’s tallest LED Christmas tree. Towering over us was ‘The Hopeful Tree’, shaped like a hollow cone. Open from two sides we walked into the centre of the 25-meter tall cone and looked on as 100,000 tiny, low energy lights, sparkled and changed colour around us. With our camera phones aimed at the sky, we captured the breathtaking installation that encircled us with its impressive art display

While there were a few more art installations to see. We ended our trail at the Hopeful Tree by making our way to the Lindt store to continue on with the non-sugar-free cheat day.

girl about town, Wembley Part, blameitonart (3)girl about town, Wembley Part, blameitonart (4)girl about town, Wembley Part, blameitonart (2)girl about town, Wembley Part, blameitonart (5)

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