Colour of the month: Red

Late once again. I did have a few festive posts planned out for this month. However, like last month I disappeared again, showing up with two posts weeks apart. My month has been tinsel free.

For December red tops the list as the chosen colour. It’s a hue that is full of festive deliciousness, think red velvet cakes, macarons and cupcakes. With a plate full of cake and all things sweet I’ll take a seat by the crackling fireplace.

Wherever I went the rooms were all extravagantly decorated with baubles of all sizes. The colour to stand out the most was red unless there was a theme going on. Apart from the decor, everything else that’s associated with celebrations is mainly red, red stockings hanging by the fireplace, bolder than bold wrapping paper, ribbons used to tie around gifts, not forgetting Santa’s outfit and Rudolf’s red nose.

It’s the colour you’d think about celebrating with to get into the fab festive mood, the red dress and matching lipstick tend to come out on some occasions.

red ruby addictionred rustic statementred warm roses

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