New year, new me

The countdowns over, the cakes finished and the night skies once again silent. I watched the hands of the clock invite the new year with a single click. Like everyone, I welcomed 2020 with hopes and aspirations. 

As I mutely said goodbye to 2019, I also gave a farewell to all the negative memories. With those thoughts pushed aside, I celebrated the end of a whole year. And, with a silent prayer, I marked the start of a new year.

Long before 2020 started I had my resolutions thoughtfully planned out. It was time for me to be hopeful once again. Although, I can still remember last year’s resolutions. The dreams and wishes I had for 2019 are still hanging there, being renewed with a few tweaks.

My main goal this year is to be happy and grateful for everything that I have. However, I promised myself to be a healthier new me. Cutting out the bad food to the bare minimum. And, decreasing the number of cheat days. I’ve promised to add more lean greens to my diet, I do love a good salad. I’m working on waking up at 6 am, for a crazy early morning workout session. The gym I go to has a new standing, punching bag and I have new boxing gloves. I only want to use the two when the gym is empty. Hence the 6 am start. 

I’ve promised to keep up with blogging and to push this blog further than it can go. This is the one thing I am passionate about since it has helped me grow and become more confident.

I’ve promised myself to be more chilled, I feel like the years are calming me down. When I listen to people bicker, I switch off. I literally block out their noise and stop listening to the quarrel. I’m going to work on doing the same thing with my negative thoughts, aiming to stop them before they grow and consume my energy.

There other dreams and wishes that I may share in later days. However, here’s to a happier new year and a happier new me.

Mandala Friday, blame it on art

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