A Beauty-Full Edit: IT Cosmetics CC cream

Busy enjoying our first girls day out for 2020. I asked my friend if she fancied a little wander in Selfridges. As a lover of all things beauty, she said yes. Entering the iconic department store we headed straight for the beauty hall. As you do. With no intention to buy anything. Ahem. Walking past concession after concession, my friend wanted to stop at IT Cosmetics to try their CC cream. At the counter, we were approached by a lovely sales assistant who sat my friend down. She proceeded to apply a cc cream that was right for her skin and a couple of other products to perfect the look. The end result looked great. The sales associate asked me if I’d like to try anything, but I politely declined. After making her purchase we walked away, deeper into the beauty hall. We pondered around the pharmacy and travel-size goodies section. I picked up some vitamins and a couple of mini products to try when I got home or store away in my overflowing cosmetics draw. 

After every few minutes, I complimented my friend. I was slowly warming up to the idea of wanting to put something on my face. As I’m very fussy with base makeup, for the first time ever I believe I was converted. To our shock, I announced I too wanted to try the CC cream. And, before I could change my mind we headed back. Going to the same girl, I told her I had a change of heart. Like my friend, she sat me down and asked some general questions about my skin type and how I liked to wear my makeup, to identify the right CC cream for me. She focused on a product that matched my skin tone and skincare preference. With a fluffy brush, she gently applied the cream to my face, skillfully blending it all in. 

As passionate as she was about makeup and the brand, she shared a lot of knowledge, as she talked me through each product. For someone who isn’t too into wearing base makeup every day, I was happy to learn the single cc cream is equivalent to seven beneficial products stirred into one; part skincare, part coverage. The skin-loving ingredient list is filled with dermatologist must-haves; glycerin, antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, collagen, snail secretion and hyaluronic acid. All of which aim to work above and below the skin surface, to keep it nourished. The packaging proclaims it’s SPF 50 goodness, but this multi-tasking cream is also formulated to be anti-ageing, brightening, hydrating and colour correcting. It’s a full-coverage finish without the heaviness and looks dewy. A magical glow-getter pumped into a bag friendly tube. My picky, sensitive skin approves.

She teamed the cream up with a little concealer, although not needed with the amazing coverage. However, as I had a spot on my chin it was used. The look was completed with a warm bronzer, I’m not a fan of pink tones. Once finished, she handed me a mirror. I was wowed at how good my skin (yes, with makeup) looked. The coverage was perfect, my skin tone was even and didn’t feel cakey. Instead, It felt like I had reapplied a moisturizer. Sold. I purchased both the concealer and cc cream.

I’ve never used IT Cosmetics before, so this was a very pleasant surprise. Doing a little background research on the brand, I was delighted to see the cc cream featured in a few publications. The products are developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, it’s no wonder the formula includes everything in my vitamin cupboard (which is filled with supplements good for my skin).

Every other counter I walked past I’d slow down in front of the mirror to admire my new temporarily, even complexion. I left Selfridges with my newly purchased goodies, glowing skin and new confidence. Pores what pores.

In other news, I’ve reached a milestone. I’ve gotten 1000 likes on WordPress. What a way to begin the year. Receiving a positive notification like this one has prompted me to keep pushing forward. In the previous (New years) blog, I was saying how grateful I was for each and every like and now I’m even more thankful. Thank you all so, so, sooo much each like means a lot to me.

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