Looking back

9 sleeps into the new year and I’m seizing each day as it comes. I’m in no rush to get anywhere fast. One of my goals for 2020 is to be more happy, grateful and chilled out. Since my resolutions are fresh on my mind, there’s no chance for me to draw a blank.

Being the start of a new year, January is more than a cold month, that sees the fairy lights stripped down. It’s the month that draws a clean slate, resets my goals, awards my past achievements and breathes positivity into my soul. It shoves away fears and doubts, plants new affirmations where I need them to grow and brings me closer to my dreams, whatever they may be. It’s the door to new opportunities, that sees me plotting for days to come and turns words into actions.

During the beginning of this new phase, I’m turning back the pages of my previous twelve chapters. Sifting through the journey of mistakes, creative blocks, challenged fears, attained milestones, project completions and measured growth. I’ve stitched together a three by three of 2019’s favourites. The best way for me to visually reflect back on my work and a good reminder of how I defied negativity.

However, the more I look back the more encouraged I am to work on new projects.

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