A Clean Beginning

Sitting at the centre of what looks like the messiest yard sale. My clothes are sprawled all around me. The now-empty drawers are getting a little breather and a change of fragrance sheets (does anyone still use them?)

I’m going through a not-so-ruthless clear out. With the way I’ve been feeling the past couple months and being the start of a new year, a wardrobe detox is somewhat needed. In my mind and with the help of Instagram and window shopping, I’ve been planning out outfits for the new me. Fewer jeans and blacks, more colour and skirts.

So far I’ve emptied out all my drawers, I’m starting from scratch. Sorting the clothes out in orderly piles and folding them like Sheldon does in the Big Bang Theory. The stacks are in sequence from the essentials I always wear, things I wear sometimes and ones I know I won’t be wearing again. I have bags waiting to be filled with the unwanted load.

My favourite way of organising my drawers is by colour and matching outfits. With this reference, I don’t have to look too hard, when I’m planning out my outfit. This keeps my draws tidier for longer and gives me zero time to ransack through them. 

Organised draws are an easy way for me to know what I have and how much I have of it. Stopping me from impulse buying, bargain hunting and those “I have nothing to wear” moments. Which I have a lot of. On the contrary, my closet is anything but empty. I have draws full of clothes, that I wouldn’t look through hard enough or try and pair anything together. They were a jumble and I was just being difficult. Nevertheless, that’s all changing, until my next purge. I’m learning less is more, now that I’m looking at the mess surrounding me. 

The items I no longer love for whatever reason are getting bagged up and going to H&M’s garment collection. In return for each bag, you donate you receive a £5 gift voucher. H&M prevent the garments from going to landfill and either reuse or recycle the clothes.

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