Blog Post Ideas

Gosh, I’m on a roll with new year posts. But since its 74th of January, why not. I’m feeling optimistic about this fresh new blank page. It’s kind of like being given another chance to start a new chapter. And, what better way to start the year then by clicking refresh on my contents. I’m fueling my notebook with new post ideas, categorising them into a series of five. As I go on this list will grow and I’ll update it as it does.

  1. Positive theory: filled with all things positive. 
    1. Inspirational quotes
  2. Pattern hunter: based on my inspirational art findings.
    1. Colour of the month
    2. What inspires my art
    3. Museum experiences
  3. Girl about town: a series of travel-related posts
    1. Travel bucket list
    2. Travel essentials
  4. Brownies and boots: Lifestyle post
    1. Outfit of the day (if I get confident enough to share them)
    2. Weekend/ day off snapshots
  5. Art therapy: of course posts based on my work
    1. Latest artwork
    2. Behind the scenes

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