Detoxing My life

I recently wrote about detoxing my wardrobe with a full spring clean and bagging my unloved pieces for charity. Some good came out of my clear out, so cheers all around. Now that my getup space is up to shape, my life, however, is a little cluttered. It’s that time I finally sat down and had the “talk” with my negative side and stopped ignoring all the things that put me in a glum state. While I do this I’m going to make myself a ginger mint tea and put on some motivational videos on Youtube. 

The chilled out me is being brutal, I’m getting rid of anything I don’t need in my room and my life. I’m normally the person who says yes to everything. But is saying yes the way to go forward? In some circumstances no, it’s not. To kickstart my detoxing I need to learn to put myself first, without the guilty feeling, if and when I say no. Though I don’t want my no’s to sound too blunt at the same time, an “I would if I could” or a basic “I’m sorry I can’t” will do nicely.

While I’m politely saying no to others, I need to learn to say no to my cravings and watch my spendings. Especially on my sugar-free cheat meal days. I’m a chocoholic, I can’t say no to chocolate. I won’t say yes to one bar of chocolate, I’ll say yes to four. A cheat meal turns into a cheat day and before my healthy conscience knows it I’ve ordered a hot chocolate and thrown in a brownie. I need to watch these spendings so that I’m not so shocked when my statement turns up. 

Less spending on guilty food means more savings and incentive treats for me. Treats are nice, they’re something to look forward to and to appreciate later. However, whether I treat myself or not there is a lot for me to be grateful for. I remind myself of this every time something goes wrong or when I walk past Konditor and Cook (my favourite brownie bakery). 

It’s easy to totter in self-pity. But if I’m serious about self detoxing, counting my blessings is one way to stop the pity weeping. I tend to like a change in scenery and a lot of me-time. I take my laptop to my local Costa and hit the gym straight after for some endorphins. I usually have my inner one to one whilst walking on the treadmill.

Now to book me in for a facial.

yellow Citron dawn

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