Behind the scenes

Mobile’s to the left of me

Green teas to the right

Here I am

Stuck in the middle with my laptop.

Welcome to my temporary office, which happens to be a single table in Costa Coffee. It’s not as glamorous as some fashion bloggers setting, I’m not sat in the middle of a pile of clothes ready to be worn. And, it isn’t creatively crafted as some artists studio, with paint tubes and brushes laid out for the perfectly imperfect flat lay. It is, however, warm and cosy. Behind the scenes for me can be anywhere I choose it to be. Though it’s mainly a coffee shop with heating, Wi-Fi and little to no music. Unless I’m (digitally) drawing. 

My behind the scenes setting is really technical, as all my work is digital. My desktop and USB are neatly organised with several titled folders. Clutter and I just don’t work well together. Saved within my folders named Print – (then) Making, are a couple of numbered work-in-progress images of my latest mandala. It has been a while since I posted behind the scenes shots of my work. So I wanted to share a few images of the process. It’s very different from the traditional colouring and painting by hand, it’s less messy and there’s zero drying time. Instead, there’s a lot of mouse clicks, though it only takes one tick to paint a single section and to neatly colour within the lines using Photoshop’s paint bucket tool. Any errors made can be ctrl Z’ed. Copying and pasting literally helps save time. However, if I’m not careful there are a few glitches that take place. If I zoom too much into the page Photoshops crashes and anything I didn’t save gets lost. Meaning I have to start from wherever I did save and that’s only if I clicked ctrl S.

Here’s a little ctrl + p of the process.

Behind the scenes, blame it on art (5)Behind the scenes, blame it on art (4)Behind the scenes, blame it on art (3)Behind the scenes, blame it on art (2)Behind the scenes, blame it on art (1)Behind the scenes, blame it on art (6)

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