I’m Picking Trainers over Heels

Dressed up for a day out in Central London, my outfit is completed with all-black Nike trainers. My get-up of the day is smart, casual. I’ve seen many influencers on Instagram sporting trendy, designer sneakers. I’m head over heels for the cushioned soles, to the point of no return. My friend and I walk from one end of Oxford Street to the other without any pit-stops or limping (I remember those days, I bet shes laughing at this).

My comfort over glamour game is going strong. I choose trainers over heels every day. The difference in the ratio is pretty high. No comparisons needed. Living in London means I’m constantly on my feet. Walking from one place to another is an absolute necessity. Unless I catch the bus for a few stops, but even that has its limits. 

There was a time when I’d endure the pain to look the part, ignoring the long-term physical injuries. When the throbbing sensation got too much for the daily grind, a visit to the GP was made. Ever since that appointment my shoe collection never looked the same again. I gave away my heels and anything that tortured me with blisters, open flesh and foot pain. The dr said no to the aesthetic code. And, who would go against anything the dr says. 

Trainers and block heel boots are permanent features for my cabinet. I rotate between the two depending on the occasion. I only choose to wear shoes at a certain height (approved by me) out of comfort and how good they are for me. Sorry (not sorry, I don’t want foot, knee or back pain just to please the plush culture. 

My on the go lifestyle needs the athletic comfort, with the vogue look.

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