Enjoying the local fruits

Strolling along a quiet suburban street on a sunny blue sky day. An orange dropped from a tree a few paces ahead of me. An unfamiliar sight for a Londoner. However, I could get used to this. I was in two minds on whether or not to pick up the perfectly organic fruit for a later treat. Being the fruit-lover that I am, I didn’t walk away empty-handed. 

With an orange in hand, I continued to walk on the sunny side of the street. Every few seconds looking up and getting distracted by the number of fruits growing above me; lemons, plums, apples and oranges.

While visiting a new country, canvasing the local restaurants and food stores are a necessity. However, in Concord, California entering a shop or getting my purse out was not always required to enjoy the local pome. My aunties neighbourhood was blossoming with colourful fruits. After each afternoon stroll, I would return with a sweet treat. I was becoming familiar with all the fruit trees and how far my organic goodies were.

From what I learned a few cities in America are building wholesome landscapes, planting edible trees that bear fruits and grains. A couple of charities have been organised to harvest fresh fruit and share them with schools and food banks. In Concord, where the weather is perfect to grow the ripest and juiciest fruits, some residents have their front and backyards lined with apple and orange trees. 

Now I hear you asking about the orange, I can tell you it was the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.

My snacks are right in front of me, blameitonart (1)

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